Kenny Leigh & Associates - Attorneys at Law

Florida’s Kenny Leigh & Associates is a private legal practice that exclusively represents men. With locations in Jacksonville, Gainesville and Fleming Island, Kenny Leigh & Associates is dedicated to fighting for its clients’ rights in disputes involving divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, alimony, and other family-related matters.

Recognizing the highly personal nature of these issues, Kenny Leigh & Associates offers personal as well as professional support to its clients. From the careful management of a complicated marital property division to the sensitive navigation of highly charged child custody proceedings, the attorneys provide the appropriate legal counsel for every individual case.

The professional staff works closely with clients at all stages of the legal process. Whether pursuing litigation, mediation, or simply providing knowledgeable and focused advice, the hallmark of the firm is quality customer service. Responding to all questions and concerns with speed and professionalism, the staff communicates to each client in a language that they can clearly understand.

Guiding them through their legal concerns as efficiently and fairly as possible, Kenny Leigh & Associates keeps clients abreast of recent amendments and alterations to existing laws and explains how changes in legal precedent may or may not affect their individual cases. For those who have already been handed legal judgments that they deem disappointing or unfair, the firm is experienced in handling family law appellate cases of all kinds.